Located in Soldotna, Alaska…

Located in

Soldotna, AK

We are located on the world-famous Kenai River in Soldotna, Alaska. Riverquest is a 16-room home on 1.3 acres of pristine property that is within walking distance of downtown Soldotna. Fenced and secure, this incredible location provides opportunities for convenient shopping, entertainment, job opportunities, enjoying the Kenai River, community service & involvement.

Expansive & Comfortable

Our approximately 10,000 square foot home features large one-bedroom private suites fully furnished that come with TV’s, DVD, Cable TV, WIFI and so much more! Some suites feature balconies with a River view.  Enjoy river views from our large deck and Pavilion or sit back and relax in the hot tub.  (See amenities for more features).


We are a community within a community!

  •  Hobby Farm – Dog, Chickens, horses, goats, provides opportunities for connecting to nature and learning to care for animals.  Residents will harvest eggs from the chickens and use those eggs in preparing their meals thus promoting independent living skills.
  • Greenhouse – Residents will learn to plant, care and cultivate and ultimately harvest the fruit of their labor.  Residents will learn green skills and culinary skills by utilizing the things they grow in their meal prep thus promoting independence through self-reliance and the law of the Harvest!

Job Opportunities

Job opportunities will be provided for all residents to learn vocational skills and work ethic to promote self-reliance and empowerment.

Independent Living

Riverquest provides an ideal environment that supports, empowers and enhances residents’ goals of Independent Living.

  • Personalized Plan to meet individual needs & goals that promote Independent Living.
  • Skilled and Caring Staff using cutting edge technology that offers a level of healthcare, security & communication only available in a handful of the world’s finest facilities!


Our Skilled and Caring Experienced Team includes an Executive Director, Resident Manager, Nurse Oversight, Skilled and Caring Support Staff, Full Time Activities Director & Staff.

Education Curriculum

We have an individualized education program to enable and empower residents to achieve their potential and learn life skills.


A full time Activities Director and staff supports our community with the most robust and creative programming in the state! (See Amenities and Activities section for more information)

Security and Safety

Our home has security cameras on the interior and exterior of the building.  Residents also have emergency call pendants with a two way communication device.

Technology & Integrative Healthcare

  • We utilize Caremerge, a state-of-the-art EMR system that makes resident charting simple, thus reducing staff paperwork time so we can spend more quality time with our residents.
  • Integrative Healthcare – Integrating Doctors, Pharmacy, Family & Group Home Together. Our integrative system makes the continuum of healthcare more efficient and effective.
  • Preventative Care – Care Predict is an artificial intelligence wristband that helps with preventive care, this system monitors fall risk, allows families to monitor residents via GPS system the activities and interactions between their loved ones, other residents and staff. A two way communication device on wrist band also allows residents to communicate with Support Staff in case of emergency.  Care predict also charts activities of residents.
  • Nurse oversight and access is provided which supports increased preventive care and improves overall health outcomes.
  • On-site pharmacy consults will be available as needed.

For questions, please send us a message.