Riverquest is redefining and raising the standard of care for residential group home living. Our community is a product of goals and inspiration founded on expertise of community planners and professionals with a resolve to do something fundamentally different.

OUR PROGRAM PHILOSOPHY offers residential and day programming that are specifically designed and created to meet each individual’s needs for personal development, social interaction, independence and the security of knowing he or she is accepted and valued. One of our goals with group home living is to increase the independence of residents. Each resident participates in family-style activities to help residents attain their goals and live as independently as they are able; like preparing meals, doing chores, and animal care, as well as individual lessons such as menu planning, grocery shopping, budgeting, laundry, making healthy eating choices and self-care skills.

Residents also enjoy more traditional recreational activities such as going to the movies, fishing, playing basketball, passing a football, hiking, or swimming in local pools. Riverquest assists case managers in assuring that residents receive necessary services from community service providers, including medical care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, vocational training, education, and mental health services.

OUR GOAL is to build a fully operational, self-sustaining residential greenhouse that teaches individuals with developmental disabilities the vocational aspects of planning, planting, and growing high-quality garden vegetables, in addition to the benefits of eating healthy food choices along with supplemental use at Riverquest and Riverside.

Our programs provide the chance to cultivate self-esteem, grow a sense of self worth, and promote the confidence and passion that come from a job well done. Whether it’s feeding animals, collecting eggs, planting and harvesting produce from the greenhouse, preparing meals, or household chores, there is always opportunity to build confidence, leadership skills, and a strong work ethic.


  • Kenai River Frontage on 1.38 acres
  • Easy access to downtown Soldotna
  • Large Gazebo and Deck (stunning riverside views)
  • Hot Tub, Fishing Dock, Fire Pit, Basketball Court
  • Direct TV & Wifi
  • Large Greenhouse, Planter Boxes
  • Large Theater Room, Game Room & Computer Room
  • Education Curriculum

Room Amenities

  • Private Living Areas
  • Balconies with River View
  • Riverside Rooms
  • TVs, DVRs, DVD and Sound Systems
  • Direct TV & Wifi


A full time Activities Director and staff support our community with the most expansive, robust & vibrant programming in the state!

  • Outings (activities van)
  • Animals (chickens, bunny and house pet – dog)
  • Fine Dining on the Kenai River
  • Athletic Activities including Basketball
  • Movie Nights (large theater room) & Game Nights
  • Camping, Hiking, Boating and Fishing
  • Gardening (Large Greenhouse)
  • Local Sports Outings (high school basketball, football, volleyball and Brown Bear Hockey)
  • Continuing Education Opportunities (includes tutoring support)
  • Service Projects & Employment Opportunities

Our private, riverside setting provides an optimal environment for healthy independent living in our charming residential group home. Along with support from skilled and caring staff, each resident is offered a personalized plan to meet individual needs and goals.

For questions, please send us a message.