Enhancing and Empowering the Lives of Individuals with Disabilities

Riverquest Residential Group Home in Soldotna, Alaska

Riverquest offers luxurious group home living on the world-famous Kenai River in Soldotna, Alaska, and offers a one of a kind living experience. Our community is a 16-bed residential group home located on 1.3 acres that values our residents, promotes independence & focuses on enhancing and empowering the lives of individuals through social, educational, residential and vocational opportunities. We are raising the standard in group home living.

Our Mission

Enhancing and Empowering the Lives of Individuals with Disabilities


We believe it's time that we remember that everything is connected, our families, our homes and our communities.

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We are redefining and raising the standard for Group Homes. We are a product of goals and inspiration founded on expertise of community planners and professionals with a resolve to do something fundamentally different.

What Makes Our Residential Group Home Unique?

Hobby Farm
Horses, Rabbits & Goats

Large Self-sustaining Residential Greenhouse

Educational Curriculum & Job Opportunities

Large Gazebo, Hot Tub & Fishing Dock

Our Approach

Our approach is to identify the best way to help our individual residents grow and achieve their potential by centering our focus on their strengths, talents, and abilities. The Riverquest Model is based on three key principles that create a framework to enjoy a fulfilling life experience and reach their potential.


Residents are provided with an ideal environment to support them as they achieve and maintain their goals of independent living through social, educational, and vocational opportunities, as well as our amenities and activities.


Residents contribute both to the Riverquest community and the broader community around them through fellowship, mentoring, volunteering, employment and as consumers and patrons.


Riverquest residents enjoy reduced risks to their physical, social and emotional well-being. We utilize technology to provide preventive care and improve overall health outcomes.

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